Who comes to us? Anyone serious about their golf; beginners, casual and accomplished players of all ages, and professionals are all better golfers because they entrusted their golf games to us. You will also benefit greatly from the experience. But don’t take our word for it! Read what our students have to say about us.

golf lesson students

“The thing I like most about Bill is his honesty with me about my swing; not making everything sound terrific, just to make me feel better. It’s an honest assessment of what is both right and wrong; constructive criticism, balanced by praise when things are done well. His easygoing and cheerful personality helps us communicate effectively, making each session a comfortable and enjoyable experience. I’m proud to be able to consider him a friend as well as my swing coach.”

Rick P / Temecula
golf student

“As a 6 handicap, and having been a member of Bill’s Monthly Membership Program for 2 ½ months, people I play with say how amazed they are at how much more solid my game is, which is so nice to hear.

  I had been inconsistent, having to compensate for multiple swing flaws. Bill not only has helped me to identify and correct these, but he is there when I practice, to provide me the feedback I need. So, after years of flawed mechanics, my ball striking has now become so much more consistent; and my goal of playing “scratch” golf is realistic. This game ain’t easy; and I’m so excited about my progress. I also see many of Bill’s students having similar success. We are all so fortunate to be working with him.” 

Mike L / Temecula, CA

“For several months, a mutual friend had urged me to contact Bill Seltzer, and take golf lessons. Finding the time was my issue, until my friend showed me a flyer about his new Instruction Membership Program.

An athlete, all my life, knowing I had potential in golf, I was frustrated by lack of progress. Joining the instruction membership program, I was immediately energized by the confidence Bill instilled in me. he helped me re-engineer my golf swing with proper mechanics. Working with him as often as I want, on my own schedule, my progress over 2 months is unbelievable! 

As with so many great ideas, I wonder why someone hadn’t offered this type of program before. Bill Seltzer’s Way is leading me to even greater success than I imagined. I look forward to taking my buddies’ money, as my handicap drops. Thanks, Bill” 

Neal Z / Temecula, CA

 “Bill, after almost 6 years away from golf , I didn’t know if  I could get back to where I was. Now I’m ecstatic! Your membership program with supervised practice is so effective. I’M BACK!

Barbara U / Temecula, CA
I didn’t really take up golf until I was 30 years old. As a lifelong baseball player, I understood the basic swing motion; balance, core rotation, follow through, etc, and could occasionally bust a 300 yarder. Sometimes I would hit a bucket of balls, but with no “purpose” and no improvement. So, for many years, I enjoyed golf with friends, shooting around 100.
My wife asked what I wanted for Fathers’ Day; I said. “golf lessons”. She knew Bill for a long time, gave him a call and asked if he could help me (awesome wife). He told her about a program he started, that works like a gym membership, perfect for my unpredictable work schedule. Beginning with my first session, Bill took my baseball swing and made the subtle changes needed to give me a GOLF SWING. For the first time in 30 years I developed a love for the game. I LOVE to practice now, with a purpose. After only 4 sessions, I shot 84…and did it again 2 weeks later!! Now, in addition to enjoying playing with friends, I am included in the competition.
Tony L. / Menifee, CA
Raised by a scratch golfer, married to a really good golfer, I spent the last 20 trying to learn this game, but never took it seriously. A few months ago, my husband, a Cross Creek member, asked me to play. I didn’t play well, but now I was hooked; this golf course so beautiful and peaceful. 
I decided I should take lessons, and saw Bill’s flyer in the clubhouse. After a few lessons, I was hitting the ball further and straighter than ever, and signed up for his monthly membership program, and attended the supervised practice sessions, 2 or 3 days a week. I’m seeing so much improvement! Bill’s demeanor is so patient and kind, and with a smile, makes sure I understand what he’s teaching me (my body is now cooperating). This program is unique and affordable, whatever your level, your game can improve. Bill’s the one to help you do it.
Teri H / Temecula, CA

“The golf instruction was outstanding and the location in Temecula was gorgeous. After researching golf schools, Temecula Valley Golf School was the clear winner for me to attend. The 5-Day school exceeded all of my expectations. As you know, I came to you with little golf experience, and left the school with the skill and confidence to play a full round of golf.”

Mike / Thousand Oaks, CA

“The Golf School was terrific. I learned a volume of knowledge in a few short days. Bill’s input, knowledge and teaching techniques were wonderful. In short . . . a great experience. Would I do it again? You betcha!!”

Mark / Onlaska, WA

“Thanks for the photos. We had a great time with you all. Davis and I both got a lot from our instruction, while at the same time, having a great time with Bill. I am recommending your golf school packages to all my golf buddies. It is a new experience being able to control my golf ball. Don’t be surprised if you see us again.”

Dave / Carlton, WA

“Thanks for the pictures. We had a wonderful time during our recent trip to Temecula. Debbie, even though she is a non-golfer, found plenty to do and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have received instruction from two different professionals, and although helpful, neither could hold a candle to Bill. The on-course instruction each afternoon was particularly helpful, and since my return to Bend, I have shaved five strokes off my game. I will practice the techniques I have learned and follow the plan laid out for me by Bill. Yours is a first class operation!”

Cal / Bend, OR