Stance and Ball Position

“Where should I play the ball in my stance? Do I play the ball further “back” for a 9 iron than for a 4 iron?” There is a bit of confusion on the subject of stance and ball position.

We take an increasingly wider stance the longer the club. The stance is your “base” to help keep you balanced. The longer the club, the more momentum created by the swing, the wider the stance needs to be. For the driver, position your feet slightly wider apart than the width of your shoulders; for long irons, even with your shoulders; and for short irons, less than the width of your shoulders. For pitches and chip shots, your stance is even narrower.

Rather than playing the ball “forward” or “back” in your stance, play it in relation to your left heel (right handers). For irons, play the ball 3 or 4 inches “inside” your left heel. with a longer iron, as your stance gets wider (although the ball will appear to be more “forward”, but is the same in relation to your left heel). With your driver (tee shot), play the ball closer to the left heel. 

We emphasize the little details that will make a BIG difference in your game.

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