Putting on Fast Greens

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Most pros really like putting on fast greens. The ball rolls truer than on slow greens, reading breaks is easier and pros can depend on sound putting strokes. But, many golfers have great difficulty with fast greens. If you lack confidence on fast greens, keep focused on basic putting fundamentals while practicing:

  1. Constant light and relaxed grip pressure throughout the stroke.
  2. Start with the putter blade just off the putting surface, “hanging” from your shoulders.
  3. Make the stroke slowly and rhythmically by rocking your shoulders and arms together back and forward in a pendulum motion (hands and arms move back and forward together with shoulders).
  4. “Release” the putter by following through with the forward rocking of your shoulders and arms, eyes staring at the spot where the ball was until long after the stroke .
  5. Keep legs, head and rest of body motionless all during the stroke.

With attention to these fundamentals, your putting stroke will be consistent and confident, and you will enjoy putting on fast greens.

You’ll see marked improvement in putting your first hour with us.