Private Lessons

temecula professional golf lessonsPrivate lessons conducted by Bill Seltzer, one of the top instructors in Southern California, 

State-of-the-art V1 Digital Video Swing Analysis: Get a clear understanding of what needs fixing, and watch your swing improve. 


  • Learn all about golf equipment
  • Become skilled in the fundamentals of the golf swing, putting and chipping
  • Develop practice routine that suits your schedule
  • Learn proper etiquette for the golf course
  • Eliminate any confusion resulting from “myths” you may have been told.


  1. Make the principles we teach easy to understand
  2. Help you implement the dynamics of the golf swing that are clearly present in the golf swings of the greatest players
  3. Help you learn to apply correct fundamentals to all parts of your game.

Advanced Players

  • Become more precise with short game and putting
  • Be more consistent in your long game
  • Improve your bunker play and become more skillful in “trouble” situations
  • Improve your course management.
  • Improve your pre-shot “routine,” mental approach and play better under pressure

1-hour lesson, including digital video swing analysis $95

Series of six 1-hour lessons $495

Gift Certificates Available

9-Hole Playing Lesson: (one-on-one) 
Intermediate and advanced players learn to take your instruction from the practice range out to the golf course. The experience of playing with Bill Seltzer will help you better manage your game, pinpoint and fix problem areas and maximize your potential.

  • Range balls for warm up
  • 9-hole playing lesson with the instructor
  • Includes golf at Cross Creek

9-Hole Playing Lesson $289

Gift Certificates Available

Please call or text 951-326-0161, or email for more information