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Teaching Methodology

Refining your golf swing: Whatever your current level of golf, your swing will become technically sound and more efficient. Fully understanding your present swing procedure enables you to make a more structurally sound swing, resulting in more productive practice sessions at the range and more consistency in your shot making on the course.

How we do it: Beginning with a video evaluation of your golf swing with our V1 Digital Video System, I'll coach you through the process of replacing flawed swing components with correct ones. Through a supervised series of repetitions, continuing video evaluation and a personal practice routine, you will develop a "feel" for the correct components.

Commitment: To provide you with an exceptional golf learning experience, and to deliver the highest quality and consistent level of personal care and attention.

State of the Art Digital Swing Analysis

Our V1 Pro Digital Coaching System provides you access to the same state-of-the-art video analysis system the pros use. It will help you to gain a clear understanding of what areas of your swing you need to improve to elevate your game.

Increases the Effectiveness of Your Instruction: The system empowers you with visual knowledge, a powerful tool to get the most out of your instruction and on a direct path to improved performance.

Enhances Your Learning Experience: Visualization is the key to athletic improvement. You will see exactly what is happening in your athletic motion, giving you instant feedback and creating performance benchmarks to monitor your progress.

On-line video re-caps: A voice-over video recap of your lesson or golf school day is emailed to you. Reviewing your lessons at home or office speeds up the learning process.


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