Make Your Pitch Shots “Check-Up”

Most golfers have difficulty with short shots of ten to thirty yards. When the ball lands on the green it often rolls past the hole and even off the other side of the green. This is caused when a player tries to “scoop” the ball into the air by releasing his hands early on the down swing or “slapping” the ball. When the ball does land on the green, it has almost no backspin, which is needed for it to land “soft” and “check up”. To create backspin on a pitch shot and better control the ball once it lands on the green, the club head must be traveling downward as it “traps” the ball at impact. 

To accomplish this, the back swing begins with arms and shoulders together; shoulders rotating, and no risk cock or increasing bending of the right wrist. The down swing begins with the shoulders, which will engage core and lower body, depending upon distance. The club head strikes the ball from a steep downward direction, the loft of the club forcing the ball into the air with backspin. When the ball lands on the green, its backspin will slow the ball’s momentum, and it will “check up” (usually with one bounce and then check up). The amount of checking up depends upon the amount of backspin imparted and the balls trajectory. NOTE: When hitting this shot from tall grass, less backspin will be produced due to grass coming between the club and ball at impact.

With our help, you will become confident with this shot.

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