How to Practice After a Layoff

Vijay Singh says that if he misses a day of practice, it costs him a week. Sound a little extreme? The point is, most of us here in Southern California, used to playing golf year round, still go through periods of not playing or practicing. We shouldn’t expect to immediately get back to our normal game. So, how can we avoid the frustration of wayward drives, 3-putt greens and duffed pitch shots? I suggest the following:

  1. Take a few days to just practice. Concentrate on the basics. Don’t expect to feel totally comfortable with anything in the beginning. Swing easy, and spend most of your time with shorter irons and putting & chipping. Be sure you do some stretching before you start, and don’t practice too long; perhaps an hour at the most.
  2. It will be really beneficial if after a couple of days you have another practice session. Work your way up to the longer irons and driver. Make sure you work on your short game also.
  3. Now you are ready to play. It may take you a round or two to get back into the groove; so don’t give in to frustration.

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