Hitting a Controlled Slice

All of us occasionally, at least, find our ball to the right, off the fairway, after we have pushed a tee shot. Now, the next shot may be obstructed by trees, so that we don’t have a clear shot down the fairway or to the green. Strokes are thrown away trying to hit the ball straight anyway, hoping it will get through the trees; only to end up in a worse position afterward. But, hitting a “controlled” slice enables you to take double bogey (or worse) out of play, and gives you a chance to make par. Here’s how:

  • Select a longer club than you would normally use for the distance required.
  • Take a normal stance aligning your feet and club head in the direction you would “like” to hit. Now, change you foot alignment so it is aiming left, as if to hit the ball well left of the trees.
  • Re-grip your club so that the face remains open (facing in the original direction). Now, the clubface is open, aimed approximately at where you would like the ball to end up.
  • Swing normally, and watch the ball start out in the direction you were aligned and then curve toward the target.


Experiment with this shot on the range by choosing a target, aiming to the left, and seeing how open the face has to be to hit the target. This handy shot is not difficult to execute, but is sure to impress the rest of your group.

We can help you learn this and other “specialty” shots.

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