Competition on the Practice Green

Most players find it difficult to putt on the course as well as they do on the practice green. One reason is that they are more relaxed on the practice green, usually putting two or three balls consecutively at the target; whereas, on the course you get one shot at it, and you may not be sure of the break or speed. Of course, confidence is a major requirement in good putting.

Setting up a competition with one or two other players during practice allows you to add a little “spice” to your practice and prepare yourself to putt better under pressure on the course. A game I play with my students (and golfing buddies) is called “Sevens”. One player begins by picking a hole and stroking a putt, followed by the other player. The player whose ball is closest to the hole gets one point; but to keep it, he has to sink the second putt. Any player who three putts, loses a point. A player who sinks the first putt gets two points. If a second player sinks his first putt on the same hole, he gets four points. Keep playing until one player reaches seven points. He is the winner. Try playing this game next time you have a chance. It will make you a better putter.

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