Be Sure Your Body is Aligned Correctly

Have you ever heard the expression, “Alignment is the key to the golf swing”? Well, it’s true. Incorrect body alignment when preparing to hit usually results in poor swing mechanics. Let’s say you are intending to hit the ball to a green 150 yards away. You look at the target and stand accordingly as you prepare to hit the ball in that direction. However, if your feet and/or shoulders are aligned differently, this will cause you to make compensations during your swing in an attempt to hit the ball in the direction intended in spite of your poor alignment. Making an “outside-in” downswing, creating a slice, or a “pull hook” are common results. How can you make sure your body alignment is correct?

  1. Think about railroad tracks. The ball is on one track, and you are standing on the other. Of course railroad tracks are parallel; and your feet, knees, hips and shoulders should be parallel to the intended target line.
  2. When you practice, set a club (or “alignment” stick) on the ground close to where you place your feet, aligned parallel to your target line. Be sure your toes are equidistant from the club (or stick) as you hit practice shots. Do this often (pros do it much of the time when they practice).
  3. Holding a club straight out in front of you and then bending forward at the hips is a good way to insure your body is aligned. Swing your arms back and forward to get the feel of being parallel. Get used to looking at the target from this position.


If alignment has been a problem, with practice, you will soon be making better swings.

We’ll show you why proper alignment is the key to a good golf swing.

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